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True North Consultants represents a unique assembly of engineering and science-related professionals dedicated to providing sustainable site development and resource management solutions. Since our inception, we have successfully partnered with clients spanning both the private and public sectors to address their environmental management, land development, and public infrastructure needs.

By embracing our clients’ vision and understanding the economic fundamentals underlying each project, we seek to not only become a value-added partner, but a trusted advisor. This alignment of resources and needs represents just a small part of our enduring commitment to making your vision our mission.


The True North mission is to help our clients navigate the myriad of challenges that impact site development and resource management by providing innovative and collaborative consulting and engineering solutions.


True North Consultants understands that the sustainable success of our company is a direct function of our clients’ successes. Therefore, we seek to combine each client’s vision with our technical expertise for the ultimate success of all stakeholders. We believe each client’s vision represents “True North,” and we pledge to use this compass as a guide to align our every business decision.